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  • The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those that published it.

  • The hidden truths of God He has revealed the Word, which became flesh revealed the Father It was a revelation of love unparalleled Love that brought redemption from perdition, The Source of man's hope for salvation.

  • To the disciples He gave His Word: Go, heal the sick, Tell of the Kingdom of God which is at hand.

  • The Word was true, the Word was good The twelve published it and yet unknown The seventy echoed it, and there was more room The great commission, He then gave: Go ye into all the world, and teach all nations.

  • The times passed, the seasons rolled by yet He gave a Vision, a renewal of the first commission to our fathers He gave the Vision, A light to lit the darkness of the world.

  • A peep through the window of treasures hidden in His mystery.

  • Our Fathers caught the vision-the world peopled by Christians who are not only hearers but doers of the Word.

  • For us there is a burden, to move on what our Fathers had started.

  • We have the obligation to raise up living temples unto the Lord our God, showing forth His praise.

  • The Lord gave a Vision, our Fathers received the Vision we join to spread the vision as we publish the word, which the Lord gave.

  • We encourage all men to catch the vision. We've caught the Vision!

  • We'll spread the Vision!